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Talking to Your Children About Vaccines

As a parent, you’ve been your child’s first teacher. You’ve taught them how to talk and you’ve maybe evenhad “the talk”with them. Another part of being your child’s first teacher is teaching them how to be healthy and safe. And one method of staying healthy is ensuring they stay除了免疫力

Like most children, they’ll probably have a lot of questions about their shots—especially if they’ve heard anything about the加入COVID-19疫苗接种。Like with ‘the sex talk’, these questions are not always easy to answer.

“Discussing vaccinations with kids can be challenging due to their level of understanding and all the information they have access to, accurate and inaccurate, can be potentially confusing,” said Srinivas Dannaram, MD, a psychiatrist at横幅雷鸟医疗中心in Glendale, AZ. “That’s why it’s really important for parents to initiate these conversations early on so kids understand what you’re doing for them is helping keep them healthy and safe.”

A decline in vaccinations

自大流行以来,全国各地的医生seeing a decline in pediatric vaccinations。对于喜欢的医生鲁本·埃斯皮诺萨(Ruben Espinoza),医学博士,亚利桑那州梅萨的班纳健康诊所的儿科医生,主頁(欢迎您)这特别令人震惊。


Talking to your child about vaccinations

Dr. Dannaram and Dr. Espinoza put together some tips for how to approach and explain vaccinations to your child or adolescent.

Make sure you’re up-to-date on your shots

在与您的孩子谈论疫苗接种的重要性之前,请确保您已接受疫苗接种。Check out this helpful chartto see which you need by age.



建议从信誉良好的网站(例如疾病控制与预防中心(CDC),,,,U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), 这美国儿科学会主頁(欢迎您)Banner Health网站to guide you toward reliable resources.





Be honest about what they should expect during the visit





1. What is a vaccine?

Our bodies are in a constant fight against harmful germs. Our bodies have many layers of defense to protect us. This is called our immune system. It works quickly in the background helping to protect us. Most of the time our bodies can fight off new and old germs, but sometimes they can’t. Sometimes we need to teach our body to learn how to defend against germs. This process of training our bodies is vaccination.

A vaccine is a special medicine that stops you from getting sick. Vaccines teach our body to defend against germs that may be new so we can quickly defeat them.

2. How do vaccines work?

Vaccines teach our bodies to fight off illnesses. They do this by either putting a teeny tiny bit of the germ/bug or a dead form of the germ/bug into our bodies. When the vaccine is given, our body’s immune system spots the germs/bugs and fights them off, as they would with any infection. When our bodies do this, we create antibodies, or crime fighters, to fend off the germs/bugs. These antibodies stay in our bodies and react if an actual infection occurs.

3. Why do I need a vaccine?



4. Are vaccines safe?




We can practice at home what will happen at your appointment and, if you want, we can pick out something to bring with you if that’ll help you feel more comfortable. And remember, I’ll be right there with you.

Keeping up-to-date with vaccines is important for children and adults alike. To learn more aboutr疫苗是什么ecommendedfor you or your child, visit orvwin.comac德赢官方首页 在你旁边。

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