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pdate: March 8, 2021- 本文的内容基于Pfizer-Biontech和Moderna Covid-19-19疫苗,截至2021年2月15日的原始出版日期。有关与Johnson&Johnson(Janssen)疫苗有关的其他信息,请访问我们的最新文章“How is the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Different?” and theCDC网站

It’s been a year since the start of the新冠肺炎大流行,在2021年似乎有一点希望2019冠状病毒病疫苗rolling out to Americans—and others worldwide.

But as happens with any vaccine, there are myths, misinformation, rumors—you name it—circling the internet downplaying its importance (and significance!).

What should you believe?

尽管社交媒体为我们提供了一个分享我们想要的任何东西的平台,但虚假信息,尤其是与疫苗有关的信息,可以稀释其挽救生命的价值和激发恐惧和怀疑。Too often, people fall prey to misinformation when it comes to vaccinations.

因此,毫不奇怪,那里有一些有关救生Covid-19疫苗的可疑信息。这就是为什么全国各地的卫生保健领导人等旗帜健康和组织等组织主頁(欢迎您)国立卫生研究院, 这疾病预防与控制中心(CDC) and the世界卫生组织(WHO) are working together to build the public’s trust in the COVID-19 vaccine.

“No one is trying to pull a fast one, vaccines are much safer than contracting the illnesses they are designed to prevent,” said艾恩·奥康纳(Ayrn O’Connor), MD, director of the medical toxicology fellowship at横幅 - 大学医学中心凤凰城。“没有任何风险,但是疫苗是最安全的医疗干预措施。”

Dr. O’Connor is also the physician lead for the Banner Health Pharmacy and Therapeutics Clinical Consensus Group, which is tasked with reviewing all COVID-19 relevant therapeutic agents including vaccines, antivirals and monoclonal antibodies. We asked her to help set the record straight on some common myths.

6 COVID-19 Vaccine Myths It’s Time to Stop Believing – Here’s the Truth

神话# 1:COVID-19疫苗冲;在佤邦sn’t enough testing.

事实:While it might appear that pharmaceutical companies rushed these vaccines to market too quickly, the truth is that没有捷径when it came to their development or clinical trials.

“The entire biotech industry pivoted to focus on COVID-19 and the pandemic,” Dr. O’Connor said. “Advancements in genetics, existing mRNA technology, unprecedented support and focused efforts all came together to facilitate the rapid development of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines. Scientific integrity and principles were not compromised.”


Myth #2: The vaccine will give me COVID-19 or contains a live virus that can make me sick.

事实:While you可能有温和的和预期的侧面效应就像头痛,疲劳或发冷一样,这只是您的身体产生免疫反应,而不是您被感染的症状。事实是,疫苗中没有生物或杀死病毒,因此无法感染您。同样,疫苗也不会导致您对PCR or antigen testeither. Only being infected with COVID-19 will cause you to test positive.

To break it down, the first two COVID-19 vaccines basically teach your immune system to recognize and protect against the virus. The vaccines make our bodies produce one single protein from the virus—the protein that infects our cells—and helps us build a resistance to infection.

It’s important to note, that while the vaccine cannot cause COVID-19 infection, exposure to the virus before you develop immunity can result in infection, even though you have received the vaccine.


事实:不幸的是,我们不知道自然免疫多长时间(antibodiesyour body makes from getting the virus) to COVID-19 lasts, but we do know it declines over time. Experts agree, even if you’ve had COVID-19, it is best to get the vaccine to make sure you are protected from reinfection.



事实:虽然有些人在接受疫苗后可能会出现轻度的症状,但它们是常见的反应,而不是严重或威胁生命的。疾病预防控制中心估计,每百万人中有2-5人接受COVID-19的疫苗可能会遭受severe allergic reaction。但是到目前为止,疾病预防控制中心尚未确定疫苗导致某人死亡的单一病例。

Some people claim that because the mortality rate for COVID-19 is 1% to 2% that people don’t need to be vaccinated against a virus with a high survival rate. However, a 1% mortality rate is still 10 times more lethal than the seasonal flu. This also doesn’t account for those who survived but suffered damage to their heart, lungs, brain and have otherlong-term health problems


事实:It is important tocontinue masking and social distancing在收到Covid-19疫苗之后,直到公共卫生专家建议放松这些做法。


Myth #6: We don’t know what’s in these vaccines. The vaccine could change my DNA or I could be tracked without even knowing!

事实:Despite what you’ve read or heard on social media, not only do we know exactlywhat’s in the COVID-19 vaccines,但我们也知道它们不会改变我们的遗传构成,也不包含任何形式的跟踪设备。

“Both vaccines rely on mRNA (messenger RNA) that tells our cells to make a portion of the viral spike protein which is the portion of the virus used to infect our cells,” Dr. O’Connor said. “This triggers an immune response to the viral spike protein thus offering protection when exposed to the SARs-CoV2 virus. The vaccine’s mRNA does not last long in our bodies and can’t be incorporated in our DNA.”

The vaccines aren’t DNA-based vaccines. They’re mRNA-based vaccines, which means they don’t enter our DNA and can’t modify our DNA. Both Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna have published the ingredient lists. The vaccines don’t include location-tracking devices, so any statements suggesting otherwise are fictional.

为什么疫苗接种很重要 - 最后一个词

几个世纪以来,无数c疫苗预防ases of disease, disability and have saved hundreds of millions of lives—and saved billions in health care costs. In the 1790s, it was the smallpox vaccine. In the 1950s, the polio vaccine. In 2002, it was theflu vaccine。And, in 2021, we have the COVID-19 vaccine.

Vaccinations just don’t protect you, they also protect your family and the community you live in from contagious and deadly diseases. If we have high vaccination rates, infections are less likely to spread (read on about畜群免疫)。

We share all this to say that vaccinations aren’t a money-making tactic of Big Pharma or a governmental ploy to track our citizens. Vaccinations are preventing the unnecessary death of those you love—your mother, your aunt, your friends. Why not help save lives and even your own?

To learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine, visitbannerhealth.com

Infectious Disease 新冠肺炎 Safety 免疫

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